GoExpat Group is launching GoExpat Singapore!

GoExpat Group is launching its first website for APAC: GoExpat Singapore!

Sydney, Thursday 27th July 2017 – After months of hard work to deliver the most perfect – or the least imperfect – version of their first website, the GoExpat Group’s team is very glad to finally and officially presentGoExpat Singapore! They have been thinking of the best way to make it more convenient and easier for either individual professionals, entrepreneurs or businesses to plan their projects abroad.

“It’s a big leap to take when you decide to move your whole life to another country. We’ve noticed that the biggest challenge for people and for businesses when moving overseas is the lack – or excess – of information. What we wanted to do is to give you all the information you need for your expatriation project, and a complete range of solutions by trusted experts to cover all of your needs, everything in one same place.” – explained Leo Denes,, co-founder of GoExpat Group and CEO of Australiance.com.

What is GoExpat Group?

GoExpat Group is the parent of several different sites; there’s one GoExpat for every country to make sure it is very proper and adapted to the culture, requirements and specificities of each of them.GoExpat Singapore is the first of a long series, see below the upcoming sites.

What do they do?

The main idea behind the GoExpat Project is to offer you the 1st Marketplace for international entrepreneurs and professionals. GoExpat Group is a bit of the very best of what Australiance has been doing for the last 7 years in Australia, assisting over 3000 international talents wishing to continue their career abroad and 30+ companies from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. GoExpat Group aims at accomplishing the same mission and at assisting fast growing startups which are looking to scale in APAC.


There’s a wide scope of services on the platform, from professional services to personal advice, everything you need before moving is there. GoExpat benefits from a large range of partners, all composed of experts in each of their fields, to insure the best quality of service for everyone. They offer the expertise of experienced consultants, translation experts, immigration agents, tax and legal advisors, talent acquisition managers, skilled accountants… for either startups, more advanced companies or individual professionals wishing to relocate in APAC.

No need to go from one site to another to find information and services about relocation. Everything is gathered in one place, and if you have any other questions on your mind, the other peers already settled would be glad to help you out and give you great tips on the forum!

More about the team:

eleonore ferreyrol alesi co founder goexpat group singapore
Eleonore Ferreyrol-Alesi

Eleonore Ferreyrol-Alesi, Co-founder of GoExpat Group:

With a career in Financial services, Eleonore moved from Paris to Singapore, four years ago.

Former consultant, Eleonore also helped an MNC to set up a regional treasury center in Singapore to oversee the booming activities of the region. As a co-founder, she is now coordinating the launching of GoExpat in Singapore, and the ambassador of Startup&Angels events in South East Asia.



axel peyriere co founder goexpat group singapore
Axel Peyriere


Axel Peyriere, Co-founder of GoExpat Group:

Axel has over 15 years of experience in the startup environment; he has launched many startups in Africa and takes part in Wombat Capital. He’s also the co-founder of Startup&Angels, a series of networking events, of which the first editions took place in Australia.



leo denes co founder goexpat group singapore
Leo Denes

Leo Denes, Co-founder of GoExpat Group:

With over 14 years of experience in many fields, as strategy, business development, people management, project management, financial audit engagements & business process improvement, Leo worked with over 100 international organisations in several industries in APAC & Europe. He’s a devoted Entrepreneur and a very committed and client-focused Professional Coach and Management consultant.


Coming soon:

GoExpat Japan

GoExpat Hong Kong

GoExpat Shanghai

GoExpat Phnom Penh

GoExpat New-Zealand

GoExpat Abu Dhabi

GoExpat Dubaï

GoExpat Canada

GoExpat Dublin

GoExpat Australia

Join the Smart Expat Insiders community and visit www.goexpatsingapore.com! For any further information, do not hesitate to contact the GoExpat Group Team : info@goexpatgroup.com

If you wish to become a partner, please feel free to contact: info@goexpatgroup.com

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